Big Eyes Handbag

I try to experiment with felt that I order from carpet company.  Cool Pocket Handbag in Ruth Singer ” Sewing Bible” seems to be the right pattern to try.  Felt is so cool medium since you don’t have to worry about ripped seems, just cut and sew it together for such a beginner like me.  But the thickness of the felt that I use seems to be a problem.  I could not make the strap the way Ruth had.  My bag  turn out to be quite rigid in form, so I have to modify the handle to my own version and it was not so bad.  I will definitely make more of it and add more Functions like key strap, mobile and zip pocket. that will make a real functional big eyes handbag.

By the way Ruth Singer book is great sewing bible and give me so much inspirations, there are still many projects that I would try.

Ruth Singer "Pocket Handbag"