neighborhood sewing supply shop

“Getting sewing supplies is not that easy”, that was how I feel in the beginning of my sewing. Living in Bangkok, I first start with the sewing mega (department store) which has just everything you need for sewing but so far from where I live or work. You can get some sewing stuffs from hobby corner of most department stores but not so varieties mostly for quilting, most of them got marked up price in fancy packaged. I was almost give up when I need to find something for my sewing project until one Sunday that we found the sewing supply shack in the local market no fancy but all what you need for your sewing. Treads in all shades and colors, zips in all sizes and lots and lots of colors. The same product brands as fancy hobby shop without fancy packaging and with very reasonable price. I was really exciting like made great discovery, it safe my time and made my life much easier and sewing is still my pleasure.