sunday project 20:fisherman’s slippers

I was inspired by fisherman’s booths.  Samutprakarn, the city where I live is a fishing town although the business has been died down but still something left to remind.  I ran into this booth shop.  Colorful rubber booths on display.  I don’t need any booth and it might be too hot to wear.  I love the colors, simple form and the unify of the material so I bought it anyway.  So cheap only 100 bahts or about 2.5 dollars. Wow how could this be, any way I have planed in mind, some experiment. I start to cut the booth out and trans form them into my fisherman’s slippers.  Quite cool although my cutting was pretty bad.  I will use it in the office tomorrow and try it out if it works.  I will find out how to make better cut.  I love it!