used wood outlet to chet samien arts festival

On our way back from Kanchanaburi to Bangkok, we made a stop in Rachaburi to checking out used wood.  It is a big place for used wood which came from north-eastern region.  My friend wants to get used wood for his new condominium.  These old wood come from wooden house that have been torn down and most of them have been replaced with cement blocks (how sad!).  If you don’t mind  nail’s marked, old wood is an alternative to get good, cheap and environmental friendly building materials.  Type of wood that they have got are Redwood, Rosewood and other hardwoods but no Teak.  There is 4-5 big shops of old wood (actually they are in the same family), waiting for you to choose.  Why cut down more trees?

after spending hours wood shopping we left for an Art Festival in Chet Samien.  There are a very cool art school in that are which together with the community to set up this event.  The stage was set by the river, Mae Klong.  speechless performance performed by Manop Meejamras.  It was very powerful contemporary art. I was very happy to see his life performance, only seen him through TV mostly.  What a perfect starry night!