countdown to completion

For these weeks before Christmas contractor sweating to get this house done.  A private residence in Bangkok, It has been almost 4 years since we first start but  it worth the time.  I am always be so excited to see our projects progress in every stages,  is it going to turn out the way we imagine? will this scale works? or how this materials turn out with other combinations.  Although we have tested by 3D renderings, models or mock-up but nothing beat feel the real works. From day one that the owners(my friend and her husband) step in to our office, it start as the project of 4-5 people and then there are consultants, contractor teams by the end it turns to be almost 100 lives or more that involved and the project become the pride of all.  That is what I call the charming of architecture.  This project has been taken good care by Pailin.

Hope it will be ready for Christmas party!