yes, all the trees will be preserved

We went, to make a final confirmation for the house location before the construction start.  It is such a beautiful site although it is a manmade landscape in natural setting.  Have to say the landscapers of this project have been doing a great job, no alien in the beauty of nature.  This house is in Kirimaya residence in Kao Yai about 1.5hr. from Bangkok.  It is near national forest area.  The land plot is limited  and the foot print of the house take most of the land area.  We can’t avoid locating the building over the existing trees.  After talking to Khun Somchai landscapers of this land development, we all agreed to preserve all tress by relocating them all.  We have to trim the roots and leave it in place for a month before lifting them up and locating to new locations.  So our construction schedule will be delayed for 1 month. I really appreciate the understanding of the owner and very happy that we able to preserve all these valuable trees not for the meaning of money value but for life, times, nature that have been neutralize these trees for over 20-30 years. I am really looking forward to seeing this project start, progress and finish,  it will be a very interesting and challenging one.  Vichayut will take care of this project before he take-off to pursue his master.