reading by the rice field

Along with my holiday plan, besides visiting my uncle in Chiengmai, visiting a little library in Chiengrai is our destination.  Architect kidd had a great chance to help Tarn Jew, a young forward thinking Buddhist monk, design a little library by the rice field in his monastery in Chiengrai.  We started the design early this year(2010). Graham and Vichayut  handle this project. 

Simple rectangular box was placed on posts, walls are for bookshelves, roof and terrace also for reading spaces. Curved bamboo adding imaginative space.

What is interesting for this project not only the chance to explore with the design but also working with non architect who is very talented in design and construction. Tarn Jew develop our design and turn it into real architecture together with local contractors.  He supervised closely, suggestion on details, problem solving along the construction period.  He interested in using local earth color for all the walls and concrete surface by mixing local earth with cement on the plastering process. 

We had imagine bended bamboo in a full stem  but they could not do it.  We might need to test on the mock-up here in Bangkok and get back to him for adjustment. Besides that the building turn out nicely, natural light quality for the interior space is just right.  Hope to be one of the kids new hangout!

Tarn Jew wants this library to inspired the villagers the way they build, which might works since he got contact to help renovating child care center for hill tribe village. 

For me so happy to see that architecture serves all and can give them better life quality.