black-out bags

From the big sags of scrap fabric that Smile Design gave me , there is a fair piece of black-out curtain fabric.  One side looks like white canvas with white foam coated on another,  I was so excited  to make something out of it.  Still wanting to study for a right beach tote for White @Sea, I try sewing  a Play Date bag pattern from “Sew Tina” by Tina Given.  The instruction is well written and quite easy to follow with illustrations for each steps,  except just one part for the handle which I was confused and decided to do it my own way which didn’t turn out quite right.  I like the feeling, and the unique look of the black-out fabric.  The shape of the bag is nice and simple.  For lining fabric I use mustard color medium weight from Fabric World.  I am quite happy with the result but one thing for this black-out fabric is you can’t make mistake since it will leave stitch holes on. Finally I got the right bag to inspire me for a right beach bag. I also try Origami Bag pattern from Amy Butler’s “Style and Stitches”.  This one I use dark grey for the stitches line with Magenta zipper and lining.  Next time I have to improve my stitch lines if I am going to use dark color stitches.