recover notebooks

We have got lots of notebooks, diaries,calendars as New Year premium.  Nice of them  giving us useful gifts but always too many. Not only enough for us in the office but also for all our families.  Not many of them come in plain simple covers, they always have big logos or try too hard on design.   Actually these books that I use are one of the best but  I don’t want to keep advertising their brand every time I carry or use the book (although that what they want us to).  So just wrap it! make them new covers.  I use grey felt since it is a neutral color and with nice soft finish. Adding little pocket or hoop to put pen or pencil, also elastic strap( from New Year cookie strap) which is very useful not only for hold the book to gether but also as a page marker. 

I also made this multipurpose bag from the same fabric, using pattern from Lotta Jansdotter’s “Simple Sewing book”.  I like the simple shape and function pockets.  Next time I will try to enlarge the scale and add notebook pocket as additional function.