sewing from interior waste

This weekend I had saturday and sunday free from work, not so usual that I will have my saturday without either have to go to the site or have a meeting.  But having 2 days off is just right, who set it for the first place? I once try to make Wednesday the day I stay home and work but our work at the office require team work so it turn out to be just a short try out but have to say for me I feel so productive I don’t have to commute to work more than 2 hours a day. 

Lets’ get back to sewing.  I watched Julie and Julia again for the second time and it still catch me and so inspired.  It reminds me of my blog and how I want it to record my interest and inspirations. So here am I back on the page. 

I have been accumulated lots of scrap fabric from interior works by asking interior contractors to keep the scrap for me.  Their scrap turn out to be great materials for my lots of beautiful fabric from curtain and upholstery. 

This week I turned sheer curtain in to party scarf, upholstery scrap in to hip pockets and yoga bag.

For hip pocket , this week I try something more fancy compare to my first version.  I got inspired by the colorful upholstery fabric, orange and green and colorful hill tribe strings.  To me hip pocket is so useful to keep my mobile and eye glasses when I am working around the office or go for lunch.  I will keep design more version of it.

For Yoga bag I try following a pattern from my new book.  I want to know if this kind of handle works for me? I am not the type of person that will carry this soft bag around so I think it might be great for yoga or exercise out fit.  The green velvet like fabric is so soft and beautiful.