we were on stage

I just made it sound exciting, actually it was a such a big nervous.  We were contacted by ASA(associate of Siamese architect) to present our firm(architect kidd) and our works in this year ASA Forum, under the topic “Talent young Thai Architect”.  I was hesitate in the first place for couple of reasons. First I am not so sure that I can fit in the category of young architect, second I was so scared of being on stage with microphone in my hand.  I had a bad experience when I presented our T-House project on lounging party of Thai Architecture book .  I was so nervous and can’t control my hand not to throw the microphone around. When it was over sware I will not put myself in this situation again.  Till this February 11, forum.  I first told my partner Luke to be the one who present but he refuse to do it alone.  At the end we agreed to do it as trio and in casual way.  Each talked about our projects from each perspective, three of us represent three generations which is a real structure of our office.  When it was over I was so relieve and feel like I can get over my phobia.  Paper clip in my hand given by Pailin one of our team, as a  secret to ease my stress.  If you are interest you can check out part of our presentation from our website   http://www.architectkidd.com/index.php/2011/01/design-is-accumulative/ Thanks to ASA giving us a chance to share our passion in Architecture.