coppy right respect

I have been practicing and learning how to sew through sewing book patterns or downloaded patterns from internet.   Lots of great patterns and well written tutorials, my favourites are Martha Stewart “Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts”, Amy Butler” Style & stitches” and Ruth Singer”Sewing Bible”.  It has been almost one year since I have bought my sewing machine and start sewing every sunday since then.  Have to say I have improved my sewing skill from day one.  Friends encourage me to start selling my sewing works.  I am working my way towards that goal but still lots of things to study and prepare.  One important thing that has been raised by one of my friend is the copy right over the pattern that I have been using for my sewing practice.  I did fall in love with some of them such as ” Cosmo Hobo” by Amy Butler. Today I did search on copy right over sewing patterns and found out clear answer.  All patterns in the books are under the copy right protection. No products made from those pattern for commercial purpose allow.  I like how Amy Butler describe about all these copy right on her website, quite encourage people to come up with their own design this might be a right way to creat a creative society rather than a copy one. 

So I will need couple more months for my own products may be June is the right time.  I am so  proud to come up with each design, which I start to have some such as my ” Hip Pockets I& II” although they still need to be developed more.  Let see how can my sunday turn my hobby into another serious job.