green dots summer shirt

Weeks ago my friend Tah stopped by my office in her hill tribe shirt.  She looks great in it.  It has nice details and great color.  I got inspired and drive to sew one for myself.  The concept of simple sewing of hill tribe shirt really make sense since clothes is one of fourth necessities, everyone should be able to make. I dig out my green dot fabric and start to fold it in half and cut.  I use dark grey knit for the lower arm sleeves, my reason is they always get dirty easily if in light color.  With no experience in sewing clothes at all, I am able to finish it in 3 hours.  This is kind of improvise, since I have no plan or pattern just do it, cut and sew. As you see it is such a simple pattern.  The difficult part and kind off needs improvement is the neck at the tip point.  I already have plan for better detail, lets fix it next time.  Anyway  I really love the result, the fabric is just right for summer, with my felt hobo, I am ready to enjoy summer breeze.  I have got the hobo pattern from very purple people blog and she is so generous to alow using her pattern for both individual and commercial use. Thanks. 

Tah in her hill-tribe shirt