weekend scrap projects

I have been working on these bags for 2 week ends and just finished them today.  As I have mentioned before,  I have an interest in using home decor sample fabrics for my sewing projects.  And to use the whole book of the sample in one project was my plan.  First I have to clean the fabric sheet from backing glue and paper.  This might be the most difficult part.  I tried many ways such as soak them in the boiling water or apply gu gone or put vinegar.  Which it finally come off, I could not tell which one is the most effective one.  Then I applied fusible fabric on to the back of each piece.  The sticky glue will stick on to the needle, the footer and will stop you from sewing.

I just laid all the fabric sheets on the floor in color order and arranged them in to the bag size which I like oversize.  I add little pockets which sticking out on both front and bag.  They give a little bit of three dimension and characters to the bag.  I use scrap leather which I had bought months ago as handles.  The Finnish size of the bag is .35x.55m.

Another one is wrist purse from scrap edge of fabric which I call “cutting edge purse”.  I have been collecting edge of fabric that I cut.  I really like the beauty of them.  I just stitch them together by using canvas fabric as base sheet( I didn’t use it at the beginning and it cause the unstraight and uneven.   The final size is .14x.30m.  I use scrap leather as strap again.  I love the color and the softness of the leather.  The wrist purse is a total scrap(except the lining).


2 thoughts on “weekend scrap projects

  1. Love the Cutting Edge purse! What a creative idea to use the edges…..sometimes they are so interesting, with the little fringe bits.

    I just started using scrap from the cutting room, pasting little pieces of fabric on my hang tags. I then stamp my shop name on the fabric. Gives me a look I like and I love using parts that would be tossed.

    I’m going to look at the selvages differently after reading your post! Thanks for helping me look outside the box!

    • Dear Sue, I’m glad that you like it and we both share the beauty of the edges. This is my first experiment, but I can see potential. Thanks for visiting my blog and we can share our experiment in sewing.

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