sun hat pattern develop

I had made sun hat with pattern from Lotta Jansdotter’s  “Simple Sewing book”..  Which inspired me to find the right proportion to fit my head.  I like to have it more elliptical on the top part and the side that continue the slope from top to bottom but shorter at the back so it not scratching my neck.  I have no idea how to draw up the pattern to match the main three components perfectly (top,side and wing) on of our architect, Oui,who is so good in 3D modeling offer to develop the hat model for me.  He could print out the pattern after build the 3D model.  I try stitch it as a mock up and it seems fit perfectly well with my head size.  Only thing that I would like to adjust is to shorten the back part. Adding lining will stabilize the shape.  Thanks to modern technology.  We will be able to explore more complex form and shape from now.