how many bags that we have, how many bags that we use!

I just reorganize my closet, after digging up big pile of bags.  I was chock with what I have seen, layers of bags that I haven’t touched for ages.  I love bags, especially big one, no brand names.  Some of them came as gifts, some of them never been used.  What prevent me to switch bag as much as I would love to is to reorganize and transfer all the stuffs.  I recently got organizer bag from Muji which is a great idea and able to solve my problems but since it size is too small and get thrown around  inside the bag, I will definitely make a bigger one to fit my bags.  Haw many bags each person will have?  Too many!  I always use the same one over and over.  How to make a bag that people love to use it always.  I have been sewing bags every Sunday for one year.  I have learned a lot about bags and it’s shape.  When I look at bags that I have , I realized that I have so many shapes that could be my sewing sample and give me I dea about bag size.

for another set of bags are my one year project.  Altogether with what I have,  so many bags around although I have given some away as gifts.  Life full of bags.