my first handmade skirt

I don’t know whether it is right to say my first hand made skirt since I mostly use sewing machine and with hand sew only for the bottom stitches.  I was following the instruction in Ruth Singer’s Sewing Bible, circular skirt.  This skirt pattern is straightforward and easy to follow.  It is a good choice for the first self made skirt.  I made a little adjustment from the original, I like having bigger waist band,  I want 2″ wide and I think it should have some slope in vertical since it is thick so I joint 2 strips of fabrics with slight angle and put it in the front mid joint.  Without any knowledge about skirt pattern.  What happen is, it drop down abit like an arrow pointing down, like giving some room for my belly.

I wear it on my big presentation day.  It made me want to sew more clothing.  With fun and pride.