my first leather bag

I just bought leather bag book from Kinokuniya, all the projects in there looks cool and got me very excited to make my own leather bag.  I chose project on page 14 as my start.  I use defect brown leather that I bought last week for this project.  There are patterns in the back for all projects.  I believe there are great explanation step by step together with some illustrations but for description part I have no idea since it all in Japanese.  I can guess that they are thickness of leather suggested.  I have no knowledge about leather when I bought it.  It turn out to be too thick and too hard, not right for this project but the color match perfectly to my new dress.   The size of the bag a bit too small for my style and the handle strap are too short to put on my shoulder comfortably.  Next time I will enlarge the pattern for about 15%.  But thanks anyway for such a great book.  I will get more knowledge about leather.  I  am very happy that my Janome sewing machine can handle sewing leather, YEH! I use special foot for leather. Sewing leather bag is fun and fast since you can leave all the edge expose.