dye linen scarfs

From Martha Stewart” Living” magazine last issue (July), really inspired me to experiment on dye fabric colors.  I use scrap linen* from cut off sheer curtain to make gathered scarfs.  I did prepare 2 linen strip for each scarf  size 0.25×2.5m. and 0.125×2.5m by stitch all edges and loosely stitch them together, narrow strip on the center of the wider one. Then prepared the color following the direction gave.  I hang my linen on the clothe drying rods and put dissolved dye color in to the raised up bucket. The whole dyeing process took around an hour.  I complete my stitch after the linen dry.  I have been trying to improve my scarf’s gathered detail, and finally got suggested by sewing expert(Aj. Roong) as follows

How to make nice gather for scarf

1.  Make 3 row of stitched with the stitch distance set to at least 4, I left around 5mm. distance between each stitch line

2.  Leave the starting and the ending of stitch open

3. Pull bottom strings to make gather, pull 3 strings at the time do it from both ends to meet the desire length

4. secure both ends of each stitch line.

I am quite happy with the gather result from this helpful instruction but I am not so sure about the color.  I expected grey color from antique grey but it turn out green.

note* scrap linen fabric from “Smile Design”