silk sample hip pocket

Not a very productive Sunday,  it was difficult to get my self energize when the sky here so grey.  I need solar energy to keep my self function.

Anyway I still dedicate my Sunday for sewing.  Sunday Studio objective has been set.  I planed to have a small handmade shop underneath the stairs on the first floor of our architectkidd office.  We will turn waste from interior in to fashions and accessories.  I am working on the shop design and develop the products.  All the products meant to serve functions and design around my personal taste.  Each scrap materials inspire me to turn them in to each products.

This week I picked out Jim Thompson silk sample book let.  The size of each piece is quite small but the colors and fabric quality area breath-taking.  Since silk is thin and give a very soft and smooth touch.  Hip pocket seems to be a good try.  I made a mock-up from canvas and then lay-out fabric swathes.  I try to use every bits of fabric piece.

I am quite happy with color coordination result but for the pattern, I need to reduce waist thickness and the right position of the belt should rest on my hip.  So I need to extend the length a bit.  I asked for comments around my office and many people suggested having only one side pocket.  I do agree, so my next hip pocket will be on one side with more divider inside for both mobile and eyeglasses.

Thanks for all valuable comments from Kidd team.

Thanks our friend Prinda for beautiful fabric samples

Thanks Jim Thompson for developing such a beautiful Thai silk