junk food bag for good kids

My friend from “Green Fin” asked me to work on second project for her,  shopping bag from junk food bags.  She gave me a big pile if these bags which had been collected from schools.  She got them cleaned so I don’t have to fight with grease.  I have only one night to work on this so not much time to think about the design.  I just start sew them together piece by piece using orange thread.  I made simple tote with the finished size 40x40cm.  I really like the aluminum color, the unique reflecting quality of it and all the wrinkles that shown that they all used.  I have promised my friend to help develop series of products for kids.  The objective is to create an awareness before trashing away their junk bags when they all still can be use.

I like the concept and I will name these product line “DEK DEE” which is mean good kid in Thai.  Which is like a gentle pad on their head when they help collecting these waste and turn into something useful.