underwear reproduction


I start to curious about how to make underwear, little things that always pricey.  I have been searching for pattern through many blogs and found that the best way is to use our favorite one as the pattern.  I use my black stretchy lace which I have bought years ago and could not find for more.

I bought 6″ wide stretch lace in white and brown about 2 meters each which enough for 2 undershirts. It pattern consisted of 3 parts, the body, the burst and the straps.  I stitched all the pieces together with zig-zag.  It was so surprisingly simple to make , I could finish each of them within 2 hours.  The stretching lace itself already looks so elegance.  The original one cost me around 25 dollars when the reproduction cost less than 5 dollars.  Most of all I am so proud of them .

reproduction, white and brown