my first collection

Time flies, I could not believe that I have been disappear from the board for the whole September.  I am still sewing on Sunday and come up with new items every week.  I have been thinking more serious about turning my hobby into business.  “Work of Waste” or W.O.W will be the name of the shop and Sunday Studio will be one brand in there. I have listed first collection, about ten items to start.  I have been busy making patterns.  Our friend gave me old fabric samples and one of them is stripe collection.  I decided to start with it.  I made cylinder tote, flat pouch and travel pouch with tissue and passport slot.  All products design around my personal taste and personality.  I love functional design, color and textural coordinate will express my products characters.  Since I have only Sunday, all the move seems to be so slow, or too slow.  I want to share with you some of my first collection.