postal sag

Have been disappeared from my page for quite a while, since the big flood hit Bangkok.  Actually I haven’t been effected directly but since disaster effected millions, sewing mood was left a side for a while till I need it to kill the stress.  During the crisis I looked around for sewing materials and found British Postal sags from My mom’s mail order.  It is a very cool material but quite difficult to prevent fraying.  I have tried many ways like strengthen the whole sheet with clear adhesive vinyl but it did not seems  to be right, it cause distortion of fabric grain  so I tried put scotch tape only on the edges and it works.  I was very excited to explore turning this material in to different designs.  Translucent is it interesting property, so playing with lining colors is totally appropriate.  I recently got a grommet tool which I am really enjoy playing around with it you will see I have punched most of my sewing works.

By the way my craft business is still only a plan it hasn’t been happened.  Architectural work still occupied most of my time, but these two things always inspire each others.