my mushroom I

Since we are working on Urban Farm Urban Barn (UFUB) project.  I try to give myself experience on organic farming.  Mushroom farm is part of our project, we have to develop our clay pot wall with mushroom bag inserted, So I decide to get to know mushroom a bit better.  I bought 4 bags of mushroom, hatch them in the old laundry basket covered it with damp clean towel and place it in the corner of our powder room. Have to watering it at least 3 times a day.  The first day that the mushroom came out , I was so exciting. I keep checking on them like my new born baby.  I have had them for almost 3 weeks now and they constantly give me mushrooms.

I also have mint, basil and parsley on my balcony.

I brought my first mushroom to work along with mint and parsley they all together with mint pork composed as Larb or famous Thai Salad. Special dish was made for Nun(Architect Kidd member) celebrating his birthday.