twist and drape blouse for Luangprabang

I have bought new books one of them is the cool sewing book “Shape Shape” by Natsuno Hiraiwa, most of the design in this book based on simple patterns  with some twist and can be ware in couple of different ways, best of all it is noted supper easy to make.  I plan to try couple of patterns, started with pattern number 16  twist-and-drape blouse.  I use thin purple fabric from Fabric World.  I spend my weekend on this project.  actually it is quite simple but my sewing skill is limited I could not manage my bias tape edge to look nice by the sewing machine so I decided to do it by hand and it took up most of the time.  I did modify a little bit on the front I only use 1 button instead of the whole front,  I use pattern size M without seem allowance.  I should not do that.  Next time I will use size L pattern with seem allowance and with out modify.  I love the result and it will be my Luangprabang fashion.