tie scarf and faux collar from shape shape

I am still enjoy trying different patterns from “Shape Shape”, scarfs this time.  pattern no. 15 and 9 .  They both look simple with details that make me curious to see their effects. I have lots of faithst for her patterns.

Pattern no. 15 four-way tie scarf,  it looks like combining collars and scarf in one.  It is quite interesting when wearing it, different position of the collar tips give a different look.  Since I use scrap fabric samples, the back side need to be covered so it get more complicated and thicker than it should be.

The small collar from pattern no. 9.  Before the last process, sewing buttons and make button holes.  I tried on the collar and found that it was not that interesting and could not think about any occasion using it. So I made a little modification.  I inserted 2 magnets, one at the end another in the middle.  It worked quite well.  It allowed me to flip both sides easily and able to wear it in more sculptural way.  I called it avanguard but my husband said it looked like came from Starstrek.  I have no idea how to wear it the way it shown in the book with it’s buttons.