summer breeze

I was sick today from a bad cold.  Last month in April we had such an extremely hot weather  some area in Thailand go over 40 c.  It have been cool down lately I can feel summer breeze from my study/sewing room.

I have ordered 4 new Japanese sewing books from Yes Asia and it arrived the last week.  I have reviewed these books from various webs and blogs before press order.  Not disappointed at all, all so cool.  Although no single words that I could understand in those books.  They all quite well illustrated.  I might miss some technique for sure.

There is one pattern from the book (second from left) that I would like to sew it out of my mom postal sag.  It should be prefect design for it from sewing lines that go over the whole bag 1 cm. apart.  it will help strengthen the sag.  I like the detail securing straps with sewing lines.  So elegant,  I didn’t do that well to keep the line evenly sewn.  Although it took many hours from my Sunday to finish, I love the result, I love the design can’t wait to try other books.