boxy bag

From my new bag book, Umami Midori, a  cute little book full of cool simple designs.  Boxy shape bag on page 16, really catch me and no wonder be my first pattern to try.  I use thick white canvas for my mock-up test.  Why I need a mock-up? When I try new pattern, with my limited experience,  my heart go much faster than my hand.  I want to get it done fast to see the result.  For this time I have made lots of mistakes, cutting the top fabric pieces shorten by 6 cm. so I have to add two funny extra pieces.  I did not do well on the corner only get it right 1 out of 8.  I start to pick up how to do it and will practice more.

I found it quite difficult to get the length of the middle piece to match the front and the back, If I stitch the middle piece as the loop.

For the handle, the canvas that I use was too thick to fold at the end so I just leave it un fold and flair.  I like this accidental look.

I really like it’s shape and proportion. Can’t wait to try on the next pattern.