super scrap tote

This sunday I want to sew something fast and simple.  I don’t have much time left but still want to accomplish something.  Another pattern from the same book Umami Midori should be right one, simple single handle tote.  Starting with searching through my scrap fabric storage, grasped some linen, pick floral cotton(part of mother in law sarong),  purple Chinese silk (part of my dad’s PJ).

I like its casual look and the combination of color.  With this pattern.  Each detail has functional meaning, such as putting cross strip fabric on the bottom help stabilize the circular shape of the bottom.  I didn’t put the fabric strip as circle around the bottom as shown in the book since I ran out of purple silk strip and I think it might be difficult to stitch fabric strip in circle like that.  I put lining inside,  it makes my bag look more rigid than it should be.  Choosing the right weight of fabric might be the key for this pattern.  If I am going to make another one from this pattern I will extend the handle length a  bit by 5-10 cm.  For this one I use black leather for handle but put the sued side out thomatch the rest of the bag more.  It makes good weekend bag.  Another good pattern from this book.  Thanks to the writer