pattern magic for stretch fabric

Taking a break from bag projects, Pattern Magic Vol 3-Stretch Fabfic by Tomoko Nakamichi is my Sunday project.  This is a third book of Pattern Magic series.  I have got Pattern Magic Vol.1 as a gift from 2 of my best friend and they both architect.  This can be interpreted that the book really attracted designers.  So I have got 2 identical gifts on my birthday,  I then give one to my designer friend who has interested in sewing  All 3 volumes full of sculpted form patterns and techniques.  All patterns come from basic body pattern then add volume to create form.  I haven’t try any pattern of vol.1 since I thought they look complicated may be I am wrong.  For vol.3 pattern in side seems to be much easy to make and easy to wear.

Stats I start with full moon,The pattern is simply made of 2 circulars, one for the upper part with 3 holes for neck and arms and another for the lower part 1 hole for waist.  I use black stretch fabric that I have in the closet.  I originally bought it for underwear,  but haven’t got a chance to do.  From this basic pattern gives very cool result, shifting position of neck and waist hole create cool volume.  The fabric that I use is quite heavy and too stretchy,  still  the shirt that came out is cool and “very design”.  How the arm holes position reveal shoulder nicely.  In order to ware it perfectly I need more exercise, butterfly should work.  With my limited skill of sewing this pattern could be done in half a day.  It is truly fun to make.

Since this past week is a 3 days weekend, I still have enough time to try another pattern.  Hooded shirt looks cool.  I still have half of the black stretch fabric left.  Start with the same  basic pattern and add volume for the hood both front-back.  Neck and face share the same circular cut.  I don’t think I will have a chance to wear the hood in public but it also gives nice draping effect to the back of my neck.

Love the book, love the patterns couple more to try.  I have to get more stretch fabric.  I will soon filled my closet.

Strongly recommended.  This book available in English.  I got it from Kinokuniya.