back to my sewing machine

I had been on the road for my architectural trip for a week, Chiengrai and Chiengmai in northern part of Thailand.  Three site visits in one trip.  We decided to drive and it was over 2,000 km.  but it turned out to be a pleasant trip.   Starting of rainy season,  trees along the way so lush,  good break from Bangkok.  After a long ride each day I need a good mattress and pillows,  luckily both of the hotel that we have stay pampered us with feather pillows and great mattress.

Quite excited about our new projects,  I need to read more and two books that I have got recommended are ” In Praise of Shadow” and “Wabi-Sabi”  they both known for must read book for architecture student but I have no idea how I missed this.  I am half way to finish them and already so inspired.

Anyway after back from this trip,  I went straight to my sewing machine.  I am longing for accomplishing things.  Back to Umami book,  I use pattern on page 21for string bag.  I use linen sample fabric for body part and orange pig skin leather for the top part.  I have to do the top part twice since I use too thick of leather on the first place,  it didn’t give nice shape when pull the strings. I finally get it right.  I love the size,  it come out surprisingly bigger than I thought when I see the image in the book.

Another project, is from the same book Umami, pattern on page 15.  Black leather bag, although it is a big bag but it took me only one night to finish.  I use black cow leather,  soft and easy to sew with my sewing machine.  I did add hand stitch details on both sides of the opening to help stablelizing the shape.  I like the simplicity of how it was made and how it looks.  I will use it soon.


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