drop pocket

I have 2 little leather scrap left from my last ” black leather bag” project.  They were the pieces between handles in tear drop shape.  It’s time to improvise a little project.  They are big enough to make a lunch out pocket, to put all necessities when you go out for lunch, such as mobile, eyeglass and some money.

I use different sides of leather for different side of pocket, neon color for zip and hand stitches for most of the work except for the zip area.  I didn’t do it right for the stitch,  I later learn that I should use 2 needles to make stitches. That’s why my stitch are at all in same thickness of threads.  Well next time I will try to make it right,  that’s why when I bought the needle they give me 2, clear now.

When you make your own design,  it make you more proud and in love with it no mater how good it turns out.



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