true beauty : wabi-sabi

I have been reading a lot lately for our new project.  We were contacted to design a house for Japanese-Thai couple in beautiful piece of land in Chiengrai(northern province).  I start to research on Japanese architecture and Thai vanecular architecture.  Two books that were recommended by couple of people are ” In the Praise of Shadow” and “Wabi-Sabi”.  These two books are architects and designers must read books(It was written on the cover” and I must note that it is a must!

The word wabi-sabi:   traditional  Japanese aesthetics, influenced by Zen and Mahayana philosophy, particularly acceptance and contemplation of the imperfection, constant flux and impermanence of all things.

Note: cut part from Wikipedia Wabi-sabi

After finished reading these two book as couple of essays.  I start to see things around me, things that I like and things that I don’t like with the definition of wabi-sabi.  I start to categorize things with this word.

I just grab the camera and took pictures of our office.  I have to say I can see wabi-sabi beauty in many parts.  I finally able to explain why we love our office and why I love to photograph moldy walls.