my computer bag

I have been carrying free HP computer bag for year.  It served perfect function but lacking of one thing “character”.  I have planed to try on couple of laptop bag in order to find the right one. 

Pattern from “Umami by Ezura Yoshimi” is my first start.  I like the simple look of the bag and the size that is turn out bigger than I first thought.  I use grey-green canvas that I have with black leather for the handles.  The book doesn’t show how to do the lining for this pattern but you can use the lining instruction for the (upper )one on page 56.  The lining that was instructed use bias tape to finish the inside edge but I personally prefer nice seam without bias, good enough to turn inside out and use both sides.  So I have been experiment , try an error till able to do it.  I did the whole thing twice, this is why I like working with fabric you can fix it or make mistake over and over.  I added fusible layer to give cushion to the laptop.  I didn’t do well on the corner better practice on that.

If I try it again I might reduce down the size about 1.5 cm. all around and I will use thicker fabric for the out side and also thicker leather for handles.  May be leather for the bottom part might be a good idea.