my first homemade pants

To me pants look complicate to make, I would like to get better understanding in how to make it.  Start with a simple look pants and a reliable pattern from  “Shape Shape” by Natsuno Hiraiwa

Pattern number 5, would make my first pants.  I use kaki canvas that I have bought years ago with beautiful batik, gift from Bali.  The pattern looks simple to make but with my little experience in dress making, it is quite difficult to sew flat seam all over every seams especially at the pocket .  I did not do it well.

I use the wrong size of pattern.  I use L and it turn out so huge, I realized when it finished.    I don’t want to redo the pocket side so I just trim the inside part  by 2cm. each.  It fits much better but I think it will look better if I use the right pattern size from the beginning.

I like the result, quite comfortable and easy to wear.  fits for my weekend outfit.  I have planed to use the rest of the batik for another folded shrunk.  When wear them together might look like working in the Spa.