My  site visit not only to get me out of my office but also to get me inspired by  non intention design by workers. I imagine it can turn into cool design.

This pile of vegetable oil buckets bundled up, with cool worn out look, painted in different colors, can be a cool restaurant partition wall. So cool! I don’t think we could intentional duplicate this.

This paint bucket remind me of my sewing, round bottom with single handle. How it got hit and pressed gave an interesting shape.  Nice rust and stains.

This temporary stairs was in a high-rise condominium site.  What a contrast.  I love the simplicity if it’s structure and it’s detail riser supporting detail, by just slide them in.  So cool.  So light and so simple.  I will never get this look from my engineer.  I will develop and use this details in my design soon. 

These spice sags that pile up like a soft pile of pillows with beautiful striking pink stencil lettering.  It can be a restaurant cushion concepts.  Just throw your self on the pile of spices.

This image is not from my site visit but on my way to my office.  I like how the wooden bird-cage got hung in the middle of open window with wooden window frame.  It could be a look of luxury hotel balcony but might not be a good idea to put real bird in during the bird flu. Isn’t it nice?