from fashionable to supper simple bag project

I want to try new bag pattern with different style, different from what I normally go for.  This time I choose gathered bag from Umami book by Ezura Yoshimi which has fashionable look.  I use interior scrap fabric , black sued like.  I like it’s weight and it’s soft touch.  The cool look of the bag comes from curved gather lines. After finish all gathers, I try putting front and back pieces together.  I looks wrong,  I redo it many times before giving up.  I think the problem is the thickness of the fabric that I use, it might be  better use thinner fabric that allow wrinkles.  After had been frustrating with it,  I decided  to give up and use one piece of the bag to try on another pattern which is more simple. This is how it turn out.  It is a good bag for books.  It might be better if I could finish the project after I have started ,  I don’t like giving up in the middle like this.