long box bag

I have been disappearing from my blog for a while, not because getting bored of sewing. I am still enjoy my Sunday sewing time but since I have new interest in planting my Sunday morning become my gardening time.  Fern is my favorite at a moment,  to keep them alive and safe from my 3 dogs is challenging.

My latest sewing project is this long box bag. The pattern is from the book “Umami Midori”  pattern no.16.  I did a quick study of this pattern before you can see it on my previous post. Since I like this pattern so much, I decide to do it again. I use sample fabric for the body and grey-green canvas for the rest.  The whole process from getting the fabric ready to finish took me quite a while.  I have to redo it for couple time.  The pattern in the book didn’t have lining but I personally like bag with perfect lining and it is quite a challenge to achieve that.  I finally did it after been through lots of frustrations.

I stabilized the bag shape by putting thick felt between outside fabric and lining.  I like playing with colors, with sample fabric I put lighter shade on one side and darker on another.  I love the size and proportion of this bag, I might make more with different shade of colors.