“year of handmade life”

For this year 2013, my new year resolution is to make it a year of ” handmade life”.  I will not buy any clothes(except as an inspiration) but make it myself.  I have started with weekend dress from sarong fabric, seeing my mother in law  wearing this kind of fabric and seems comfortable especially in summer.  I got this fabric from a local market,  only 3 dollars/piece which is 2 meters long.  It came from Indonesia, but it is also commonly made in the southern part of Thailand.   I start collecting them.

I use the pattern no. 21 ” I am Shift into Tunic” from my new book “I am a Cute Dress” by Sato Watanabe.  This pattern use kimono fabric which is about 40 cm. wide.  I decide to split my sarong fabric to the same size, I like the detail having joints line in the middle.  I did shift the fabric in order to make both side of the dress a bit different.  It turn out to be quite a comfortable weekend dress.  Only one thing I don’t understand why my dress’s shoulders quite square while in the book looks more thin.  But I kind of like it this way, it looks simple and strait forward.

All pattern in this gook is cool, simple and quite well explain.  I plan to try more on this book.

i am cute dress

book 1skirt 1P1011239Another sewing project is a blouse for my everyday.  I use the pattern no. 17 “Gather Blouse” from Japanese pattern book “She has a Mannish Style” by Yuko Takada.  Most of the patterns in this book fits to my style.  I have tried pattern no. 08 “Sarrouel Trousers” before and I love it so much and would like to sew more of it in different fabrics.

For this time it will be my first blouse.  I have never thought that I will able to do it.  But with good patterns and clear steps illustration, help make it possible. I use white cotton from “Fabric World” to make it similar to the book.  Most of the steps are simple and easy to follow.  I love the result,  I could wear it to work.  I did make one button hole in dark grey.  I have planned to make more from this pattern in thinner fabrics and with various colors.  It looks more complicate than it actually is, strongly recommend!book 4book3white shirt 2white shirt 3


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