my hot day linen dress


linen dress 2b

It has been a long pause since my last post.  I have been busy with my office projects, running here and there to finish up interior mock-up room.   Barely had time for my Sunday sewing.  Till last weekend that I decided to be back on my sewing machine.  I made a visit to a supper luxury fabric shop after my meeting downtown.  I learned how expensive quality fabric could be.  Imported linen from Belgium can be 4 time more expensive than one from Japan. But they have great selection of fabrics.

I end up spend  much more than I have planed.  With my beginner sewing skill, doesn’t seem to make sense to use expensive fabric.  I tried not to do any experimental project here.  I have kept one linen dress in my closet for over 10 years,  I really love it simplicity with an elegant touch from linen fabric but it is a bit too short to wear comfortably .  After dig it up, I transfer it on to pattern paper. Japanese grey linen for the body,  Jim Thompson silk, sample fabrics for the dress border.  Linen fabric is one of the best choice(besides cotton) for supper hot summer day in Thailand.

I love its colors and its comfort, but some how it makes me look plump.

linen dress 3blinen 4