love them,make them again and again

Some proved patterns work so well that I would like to fill my word-rope with in many colors.  I don’t need fancy cutting, simple one that comfortable enough  to move around should work. I feel having freedom choosing my own color pallet.  I use to wonder in the shopping mall hoping to find the right one burning hours and hours and end up buying something that is just the best on the rack.

Start sewing makes me look at fashion more carefully and value crafts more than ever.

dot shirt dot shirt 2 dot shirt 3This dot shirt from my favorite pattern Gather Blouse no.17 from ” She Has a Mannish Style” It is much easy to make than it looks.  This time I use dot pattern.  I was not careful enough when cutting the fabric, dots show imperfection at the joint line.  I only can manage it well at the pockets.  I know now, will be more careful in my next dot project.

twist 3

twisted blouse

This one is from “Shape Shape” Twist Blouse,  This time I use Tie Dye pattern printed fabric.  I love how it turns out, good for summer lunch party.