my favorite: remake

I want to share my sewing experience,  I have stared sewing 4 years ago, bought my first sewing machine, The most economic model of Janome.  I start sewing right then without any proper training even from Janome.  I have confidence in new technology that it should designed to make your life easier.  And I have found that it is not that difficult to keep running straight line.  I bought my first sewing book ” Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts” which have lots of useful techniques and lots of nice simple patterns.  I choose to sew what I am interest such as bags, dog’s jackets and slippers. I keep sewing like crazy every weekend in order to learn and understand the technique. Mostly bags.  I also searched through tons of webs and blogs and downloaded lots of free patterns to try on. I have found huge sewing community online, I marked my favorite and most visited.

Most of them not only inspired me but also share my interest, they have design background and expressing themselves through sewing.   To me it helps motivate my weak day creativity.

Two years ago I was focusing on sewing bags and have never thought of clothes.  After tried my first tribal inspired, I have more confidence to start clothes projects.  Now a day fashion is based on simplicity of pattern with twist in technique.  I start buying lots of clothes sewing books from both online and local book stores.  I have tried many patterns from many books and my favorite so far are Japanese sewing books

I have found they just right in style and size.

book 1 book2

There are more advance sewing book that teach you to create your own pattern which might give a perfect fit.  I will try them soon.

I find good sewing practice is to remake my favorite from my wardrobe.  I started with my thorn out skirt but has a cool and simple design.  Tearing them apart to copy it’s pattern.  It composed of 7 rectangular pieces.  So simple sew together  I use inexpensive grey wool fabric that I bought from my neighborhood shop.  It could be stretched, which is perfect for this pattern.  The original that I got use black medium weight cotton which could not be stretched at all, so around the arm cut out been torn apart.

I am quite happy with the reproduction.  It is good enough to wear to work or to the meeting.  Although it is a bit too warm for Bangkok summer,  I would like to try this pattern with different fabric.  Next time I will add pocket around the waist and will use bright color of print fabric inside both cut open arms.

bag blouse 7bag blouse4

bag blouse2

reproduct 1Another project is a blouse, actually it is not one of my favorite but it composed of couple of rectangular piece so I would like to find out it’s pattern.  I start with my lime fabric and hope that it will make this pattern more appearing.  No miracle,  It still not my favorite.  I don’t know what I have done wrong, when I wear it, left arm comes lower than right side. Well not all time success.  I try to make the shirt look better by photograph with my favorite book.

lime shirt 2

lime shirt 3lime shirt

Copying my favorite can be a great lesson since I have a chance to learn the pattern from another end.