box-bag that fits my everyday life

Aviary Photo_130454724483590237I am back, I try to keep up with my sewing and my post. For these past months, my time was unmanageable.  Too many deadlines and activities, which took away my sewing time.

Life starts to lose its balance.  Sewing is my retreat, and sharing my sewing experiences is my accomplishment.

Although lately my sewing projects are mostly clothes but I did my latest box bag months ago and have been proofing its practicality and durability for months.  I use the pattern from Japanese pattern book that I have bought from Kinokuniya.  I love its size and its simple shape.  The finished size is 26cm.x34cm. with 10cm. width.  It can fit my every day stuffs.  I use whatever I have left for the fabric that is why I end up having partly glow in the dark yellow and dark green for the inside lining.  I use light Olive green big plastic zip  that easy to open from any directions.

Aviary Photo_130454725395261532Aviary Photo_130454725545738590Aviary Photo_130454725066345029Aviary Photo_130454725256267201Aviary Photo_130454724750078881Aviary Photo_130454724632480493Love it and strongly recommend for this pattern.  Still many simple but nice looking patterns in this book.  Although it all written in Japanese but it still easy to follow just looking at its graphics.