fabric collection from my trips

I have a great passion on fabric.  I always search for nice fabric as souvenir. From my latest trip to Japan, I have bought beautiful hand print fabrics from the craftsman himself it was such a nice feeling to be able to pass on my appreciation directly to the one who created them.  Aviary Photo_130455049993278171Aviary Photo_130455050226855916I also bought a bunch of tenugui( all purpose Japanese print fabric) from Kamawanu, a shop in Daikanyama and some from Itoya,big  stationary store in Ginza.  I  really love Japanese print patterns and its color.

Aviary Photo_130455050559859042

Aviary Photo_130455051063417320Aviary Photo_130455050805459538My travel in Thailand mostly for my site visit, from Chiengrai(north) to Phuket(south). I have found that it is a chance to look for nice fabric.  I have been to Phuket many times but for the last visit I just found a road line with batik shops.  I spend my last hours there and end up carrying handful of batiks.  They are mostly imported batik from Indonesia with more selection than in Bangkok since local Phuket lady still wearing sarongas for their everyday outfit.  The price is more expensive for the good quality one.

Aviary Photo_130455051307473717My latest trip was to Chiengrai,  I have visited couple of traditional fabric shops but end up buying hand woven fabric from Nagaland(East of India near Burmese border) beautiful animal pattern in natural dye.  I always irresistible for primitive arts.

Aviary Photo_130455052192728584Aviary Photo_130455052672343030I also have traditional woven fabrics from Laos, Ikat from Indonesia, animal quilt from South America.Aviary Photo_130455051636000408

Aviary Photo_130455052441996882Aviary Photo_130455051885741962