jacket pattern found

Aviary Photo_130454579198784271One day in the meeting one person came in a cool jacket.  It looked simple but give interesting look and form. I was really curious for it’s pattern.

This 2014-Japan trip, we made a visit to nice big book store Tsutaya, T-Site, Daikanyama besides exploring famous architecture, designed by Tokyo based architectural firm Klein Dytham, I went directly to sewing book section.  Flipped through tons of Japanese sewing book, I came across the jacket pattern that I always want to make.   I end up bought 3 books , I for clothes and 2 for bags no architecture book this time.Aviary Photo_130454646148419949Aviary Photo_130454579467467285Aviary Photo_130454580946575587 I just realize how simple it is and should be a great jacket to bring along your trip since it can be folded flat.  I use Japanese pattern print fabric that I bought long ago(from Fabric World, Bangkok) as part of the Tokyo trip memory.Aviary Photo_130454581096642984


Aviary Photo_130454581205838518

Aviary Photo_130454580778824497They use thin print fabric in the book but I decided to add grey satin lining and fold the outter fabric over to give some weight and contrast to the inner side and could be wear both side.  The final size is 42cm.x108 cm. The given size in the book is 53cm.x110 cm. Next time I will try single layer body and contrast color trim around the opening and shorten the length since I want the back side of the jacket not to come down to low.
Aviary Photo_130454580043386767Aviary Photo_130454580617244610Aviary Photo_130454578593946455Aviary Photo_130454579750337695It is a good simple pattern that lead you to your creative development for your personal style.