ruffle-front jacket

Aviary Photo_130454715707835815Last year we had the best winter ever, cooler and longer than past years.  I made a linen jacket for our vacation house project site visit in Kaoyai. Aviary Photo_130454717755793282Aviary Photo_130454716345910456The pattern was from the Japanese sewing book “Simple Modern Sewing” by Shufu To Seikatsu Sha which I have had for a while and have tried couple of its patterns.  The book is an English version. Aviary Photo_130454718324903620Aviary Photo_130454718197576150Aviary Photo_130454718055129671Aviary Photo_130454717898093812The pattern is simple and easy to follow the ruffle-neck give interesting and charming look to this jacket.  I found it quite difficult to position it on my body especially around the my neck might depend on how much ruffle you had pulled and how thick your fabric is.