Thai crafts

Aviary Photo_130470598412329009I did post about crafts in Japan, how excite to be in such a place that craft is part of their lives.  Then I look around, what I have found was that I am actually surrounded by fine, skillful crafts,  from Baskets, Fa Chi( cone-shaped cover ( for keeping food away from flies) –from online dictionary), hat to wooden spoon.  All this utensils still be used in my real life.  It is so easy to get replaced by colorful plastic one which most people prefer.
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Thai crafts

There is a little basket shop near our house where the owner still weaving the basket herself.  I have learned from her that the big weaving community where most of the weaving works come from is Panat Nikhom in Chon Buri Province.

Jatuchak Market, Phufah (Our Princes, local produce shop) and BIG Fair (Bangkok International Gift Fair) are good places to find nice hand crafts.  Can you believe that none of these cost more than 10 dollars.

Japanese value their crafts and support, promote and develop the skill seriously.  To keep crafts as our way of living is the only way to preserve it. Aviary Photo_130470630288498598

This is the local crafts corner in T-Site Daikanyama, Tokyo.  It is quite surprise to see brushes and blooms hanging in the book store.  Their craft skill so high, very piece so well made. Simply beautiful.