In memory of my dad,Aviary Photo_130471377697434278

I have learned how to look at things around me with critical eyes. Searching for beauty and comfort.  My dad was an architect who had the most influence on me.  I sometimes follow him to his construction site when I was young, remember the feeling of the soft carpet in the parliament reception hall.  The modern house that he designed,  floating living box over the minimal landscape and over look the swimming pool on another side, still impressed me as the most beautiful house.

He always dressed neatly and loved to wear “Old Spice”, a very classic cologne.  I love that smell, and think that each person should have a certain smell to represent them self.

Our mom went study abroad since I was a baby, my dad taking care of 3 kids alone.  I was a demanding kid and he was ready to spoil me. I feel blessed with his love.

“Love you Dad,  you still with me always”