my fashion, my freedom

Aviary Photo_130600611692845127What I have learned from my self-made year 2012,  as many people say once you have made your own clothes you will never look at clothes the same way again, I am totally agree.  It has been much more difficult for me to go clothes shopping, I start to look at details and patterns and end up buying nothing.  I appreciate clean and simple patterns, and think it might be possible to do it myself.  I constantly go shopping observing new trends, buying much less than before.

There are lots of great pattern books out there that easy to follow even for one who has no back ground in sewing like me. Once I found  pattern that I like and work well on my body, I repeat it with different fabrics.

I found my self-made fashion not only can express my character and my personality well but also give me freedom to create my own color pallet. Many times that I try on pants that didn’t fit well, I am over the age of willing to suffer to look great, comfort should come first.  Aviary Photo_130601623951564482